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Social and Mobile – the Millennial Conundrum

Are they working in your organisation? Young people, either just graduated or in the second or third job of their career? Who live on their phone, who talk their own language and who seem so difficult to manage? Welcome to the world of the millennials. Young people born after 1984. The new and upcoming force […]

Microsoft acquires Linkedin

This week we’ve seen a major acquisition taking place in the industry. Microsoft acquiring Linkedin. A shock rippled through social media land. Linkedin will remain “independent” but obviously, opportunities will be explored together. I only hope that this acquisition doesn’t follow the same path as many other corporate acquisitions: failure. Time will tell. It is […]

Launch of

Welcome to the launch of Your online portal for everything you want to know about social media. We are really excited about the launch of I have added a complete new dimension to the way I work. Besides attending my classroom based courses, you can now also attend my courses online. Over the […]