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FLIRTONOMICS – the book – £8.00

Your opportunity to buy the book FLIRTONOMICS, How to Attract, Date and Love your Customers on Social Media. Giving detailed insight in how to set your business or yourself up to take advantage of all things social media can offer your business. Using the FLIRT methodology. This book will be a great companion to following the FLIRTONOMICS workshop we offer on this site.
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Personalised Video – 10 minutes for £250.00

If you have a social media question, request or any other issue that you would like to be answered, we can create a personalised video response for you. This can be a great asset for management presentations, internal meetings or marketing plans. It gives you an outsider view sprinkled with my 30+ years of (online) marketing experience.
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One hour Skype consult – £125.00 per hour

If you require any personalised support, on top of your Gold Package, or just as a one-off, we offer one-hour one-to-one Skype support sessions. You email me your questions and I will prepare a response, which we will discuss in the Skype session. you will get a video recording of the session for later reference. A very effective way to tap my brain without having to incur travel cost.
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