A new milestone

Hello everybody. And welcome to my new web site. As you can see on the site, I have added a comple te new dimension to the way I work. Besides attending my classroom based courses, you can now also attend my online courses. Over the last few months I have worked extremely hard to capture all my training materials on video and uploaded/embedded them in this new web site. And not only that, I will add updates every month. So by signing up for this web site, you will have access to the latest and greatest social media has to offer you. At the time, at the location, in the format that is relevant to you. You can watch the videos, download them, download the slides and the various templates at your convenience. All for a small fee of £25 per month. To bring you the personal touch, you can also sign up for our premium package (£50 per month) and that will give you an additional 1 hour face to face consult via skype. All you have to do is to sign up now and start learning.


Why you should join - Get inspired to learn continuously

In everything we do, we aim to inspire you to learn continuously

If you ever attended one of my workshops you will most likely remember the passion that I bring to my work. This is the underlying principle of my success. I am passionate about what I am doing. I live my dream. My dream of sharing my knowledge on social media for business or for personal brands with anybody who is interested in this. This passion is driven by my desire to learn. In everything I do I aim to inspire you to learn continuously. And this is why I do what I do. And why you should join this site. It inspires you to learn continuously. And in today’s fast moving society, this the only constant you can find – learn to improve yourself, learn to make thing better and learn to share.


How it works - Sign up and start learning

We do this by creating an online environment where you can learn and stay up to date on all social media matters
At a place and a time convenient to you

We enable you to learn continuously by giving you full access to our library of videos, presentations, tools, templates etc. You can use these in any format you like (desktop, smartphone, tablet). And on top of that you will get access to all the weekly updates (videos, blogs, templates, podcasts). This is a very important aspect of the site. Not only do you have access to all my current knowledge and courses, you will also stay up to date on the latest developments, course updates, new features, trends in the market, case studies etc. All you need to start learning continuously is to sign up on the web site and agree to a £25 or £50 monthly recurring fee.


What you will get

Socialmediaplaymaker.com offers you an online social media training portal

Here’s what you will get when you sign up: Access to all the courses on the web site. Download all the course materials (videos, presentations, templates etc.). Access to a continuously updated list of my favourite social media tools. Access to weekly updates (videos, blog posts, podcasts etc.). Facility to have conversations with other students. A one hour per month online consult via skype (premium membership only).