5 Ways to use Instagram for Training

Are you on Instagram? Are you addicted to taking and uploading beautiful photos, adding a cool filter or an effect, sharing it with relevant hashtags, and then seeing the likes pouring in? Welcome to the Instaworld. A very powerful community of people sharing amazing, cool, funny, exciting and beautiful content. And you won’t be on […]


The Ultimate Guide To Publishing Your Own Training Videos

More and more businesses start to understand that they have to use video as a key element in their social media outreach. A photo tells a thousand words, a video says it in million words. Here are some interesting video stats for 2017: By 2019, global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer […]

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality – Coming Soon to a Classroom near you

For those people that  have seen Mark Zuckerberg’s presentation at the recent F8 conference, Facebook sees Augmented Reality as key to their future strategy. Facebook is already investing in Virtual Reality with the acquisition of Oculus Rift  a few years ago. But VR still hasn’t exploded out of the gaming industry into other sectors. Augmented reality, on […]

Facebook Live

3 Reasons why Facebook Live is a Must for Online Learning

Facebook live has taken the social media world by storm. Mediakix estimates that  Facebook’s Video Views (Including Live) could eclipse 64 billion video views per day by August 2017. Clearly outperforming Youtube. Facebook Live is a new way of broadcasting. You no longer need a video studio or expensive equipment. Broadcasting is no longer exclusively […]

Trello for learning

3 reasons why you should be using Trello as a learning tool

Are you familiar with a tool called Trello? It’s amazing. I live by it. I use this tool to manage my clients, my social media, my calendar, my learning and so on. In this blog post I will show you how you can use Trello to manage your learning. And how to get amazing results from this. […]

Twitter for learning

4 Amazing Ways you can use Twitter for Learning

Although many people have doubts about the future of Twitter, for as long as it will be around it is a phenomenal tool to support you in many different areas. Companies use it to broadcast news or as a channel for customer service. Media companies use it to broadcast the latest news fast. And people […]

millennials - social and mobile

Social and Mobile – the Millennial Conundrum

Are they working in your organisation? Young people, either just graduated or in the second or third job of their career? Who live on their phone, who talk their own language and who seem so difficult to manage? Welcome to the world of the millennials. Young people born after 1984. The new and upcoming force […]

How Intelligent can Social Media Get?

Predictive analytics, Streaming Analytics, Machine Learning – terms that are now entering the world of Social Media. And they are going to change the landscape forever. Listen to my latest episode of the SocialmediaPlaymaker podcast in which I interview Jon Milward, Director at Compete366 to learn more about this exciting area.  

Always be learning

3 ways to Stay Ahead in Social Media (and in Life)

This morning I listened to a great podcast episode from “The Science of Social Media” from Postplanner. It was an interview with Everette Taylor, a 4-time entrepreneur who is currently serving as Vice President of Marketing for a fast-growing and revolutionary mobility company called Skurt. In the podcast he talked about how to target millennials with your social […]

Do more with your 140 Twitter characters

Today Twitter finally announced that you can get more text in your 140 twitter characters. As we know from good old SMS, people get excited with limitations in number of characters you can use. It leads to a “new” language. Leading to shortening words and using abbreviations to put your message across. Twitter cleverly took […]