Facebook Live

3 Reasons why Facebook Live is a Must for Online Learning

Facebook live has taken the social media world by storm. Mediakix estimates that  Facebook’s Video Views (Including Live) could eclipse 64 billion video views per day by August 2017. Clearly outperforming Youtube. Facebook Live is a new way of broadcasting. You no longer need a video studio or expensive equipment. Broadcasting is no longer exclusively for the big media companies who spent years and years building their global or local audiences. With Facebook Live you can reach a global audience instantly. And you only need your mobile phone.

Before we go into the benefits of Facebook Live for training, let me explain what Facebook Live is. Facebook Live  allows you to stream instantly live video to your friends and followers and interact with viewers in real time. It’s just like adding a Facebook post on your mobile. Instead of adding text or selecting a photo, you click the “Live” button, give your broadcast a name and off you go. Facebook will then search an audience for you, and people can like, share or comment on your live video while you’re broadcasting. Here’s a link to the most popular Facebook Live video of 2016. I’m sure you recognise it.

It doesn’t take a lot of creativity to understand that Facebook Live is a fantastic medium for online learning. To summarise this, in my opinion you can group the benefits into three categories. Facebook Live is:

  • Social
  • Simple
  • Reach

Social – It’s interactive. It’s video  it’s engaging its live it’s current. It’s not just teacher-student but also student-student. It’s easy to connect after the course. It’s shareable. It’s measurable. People can like, comment, share during live broadcast.

Simple – You don’t need to download software. It’s easy to register. You can subscribe. It’s training within an environment you’re familiar with. You can watch it live or watch it on demand later at a time an place that is convenient to you.

Reach – You have access global Facebook audience. You can promote it with a Facebook events page and promote it across other social networks. You can promote it even further through Facebook advertising. Facebook will reward you with further reach because its video.

So what does the future hold: Facebook is investing heavily in VR. A few years ago Facebook acquired oculus rift. They see a future with people meeting and engaging in virtual world. So could the next phase be that you can step into a virtual class room and see the teacher and other students? What do you think?