Always be learning

3 ways to Stay Ahead in Social Media (and in Life)

This morning I listened to a great podcast episode from “The Science of Social Media” from Postplanner. It was an interview with Everette Taylor, a 4-time entrepreneur who is currently serving as Vice President of Marketing for a fast-growing and revolutionary mobility company called Skurt.

In the podcast he talked about how to target millennials with your social media outreach. It contained a lot of useful information. Particularly since Everette is a Millennial himself. But what most struck me in this episode was at the end when he was asked how marketers Can Stay Sharp in Social Media. Here’s what he said:

1. Constantly strive for self improvement

Constantly try to self-improve. Constantly be learning and adding new skills to your arsenal. That’s something that I always tell people all of the time is that you can’t get comfortable. Continuing to learn every day is a key takeaway.

2. Always get better at being data-driven

Always get better at being data-driven. Understanding analytics tools and platforms and being able to see the return on investment on everything you’re doing from a data perspective is huge. It is a huge skill set have.

3. Make sure that you are balancing your life

Make sure that you are balancing your life and are in a good emotional state to work. We all want to be successful, we all want to do great things… Your emotional health is so important for you to be successful and for what you’re doing in marketing.

So good to hear that his first point touches the core of I want to inspire people to always be learning. Absolutely spot on. It’s because of this that I love what I do. I learn every day. Thereby I discover new things, find new tools, learn new concepts and try out new strategies.

This is what keeps me going. This is what keeps me living my dream every day. Are you learning every day? Share your learning experiences in the comments.

Here’s the actual podcast: