Twitter for learning

4 Amazing Ways you can use Twitter for Learning

Although many people have doubts about the future of Twitter, for as long as it will be around it is a phenomenal tool to support you in many different areas. Companies use it to broadcast news or as a channel for customer service. Media companies use it to broadcast the latest news fast. And people around the world use it to make sure their voices are heard. We are all familiar with the stories of twitter being instrumental in the spring revolution in Egypt. And many women use twitter in Saudi Arabia to stand up for their rights.

But did you know that twitter can also be an excellent tool to help you with your learning efforts. Whether you’re a student, a teacher, an author or a producer, twitter is a key source of knowledge that can be found and used to your advantage.

Here are my top 4 ways of using twitter as a tool for learning:

Twitter search: To me, Twitter search is one of the most powerful social media tools out there. It allows you to search the entire twittersphere for tweets from the past. And not only the tweets, but also the content that is connected to these tweets. You can search by topic, by hashtag, by geolocation or by user. It turns Twitter into a giant library of content that you can access for your research, your paper, your exam, your presentation and so on. The secret here is not the tweet thats interesting, but the content that the tweet links to. That’s the gold you’re after.

Twitter lists: Consider twitter lists as your breakout room for learning. A room where all the experts in your area gather and share their knowledge. You can listen to what they have to say or share, and even better, you can participate by contributing to the conversation or asking questions to expand your knowledge.

Event Hashtags: The hashtag can be seen as the bookmark of the topic you want to learn about. It is common practice that people will add these bookmarks to their tweets to make sure their contribution to the discussion becomes visible. So by searching for the hashtags on twitter you get access to knowledge, even without having to follow the people who are publishing this knowledge. And if you haven’t got the budget to attend expensive conferences but are keen to learn what the speakers have to say, just search for the conference hashtag and you will be able to attend the conference live through twitter. Searching for the conference hashtag will give you a live feed of all the tweets that are being sent during the conference or the presentation.

Q&A: If you can’t find on twitter what you are looking for, don’t let that stop you from using twitter. Why not use twitter as a network to ask questions and to get answers. Even if you have very few followers, by joining lists and by adding hashtags to your question on twitter you can exponentially widen the reach of your tweet. And you’ll be surprised on how many answers you will get to your question.

So there you have it. 4 ways you can use twitter to learn. Have you got any other ways to use twitter to enhance your learning? Share them in the comment section.