7 changes to your company’s Facebook Page

Facebook has done it again. A radical overhaul of their facebook pages interface. Gone are the timeline years and the complicated positioning and design issues with the cover photo and profile picture. The interface is now much simpler, cleaner and easier to use. There are 3 major components. On the left side is the menu, on the right side is the engagement data and other relevant page components, and in the centre is the newsfeed. As simple as it gets.

So here are the key changes:

  • Your page profile image is moved to the side, so it no longer covers any of your cover image.
  • Your cover image didn’t change but there is no longer a profile image covering the bottom left
  • Your call to action and navigation buttons are now not on your cover either. The call to action button is in a different colour and more prominent
  • Your stats are over to the right hand side of your page and if you scroll just a bit down from that you will see your about and visitor posts, your reviews and your tabs
  • Your news feed is now right in the middle
  • Your name is now right under your page profiel image, no longer on your cover photo.
  • Your stats/about/Apps are now s on the right hand side