Animated posts

How to create an animated video post on your smart phone

Have you ever wondered how an animated video is made? Those videos you see on Facebook and Twitter. I’m trying to use more and more video in my social media outreach. As you can see on this site, video is the main form of communication. But the videos on this site have been produced slightly more professional. We use green screen, studio lights, screen grab software, professional sound and so on. And obviously, this takes more time to produce. Often, with social media you don’t have this time. Things need to go out quick. But you would still like to use video. So how can you overcome this issue of production time versus immediacy of content? How can you produce animated videos quickly?

I found the answer to the question a couple of days ago when I came across Ripl. A mobile app that creates eye catching animated posts. You just select photos from your camera roll, select the theme you like, add sound, add text overlay on each photo, and off you go. An amazing short video that can be posted across all your social networks. Here’s a video I created today in under 5 minutes.

So just search for Ripl in the app store, download the app and get going. Why don’t you share your own Ripl videos in the comment section.

You’ll find more details and a demo video of the app in the membership section of this site under updates.