Facebook newsfeed

Facebook changes Newsfeed rankings

Have you ever heard of the Facebook Newsfeed Values? They are a set of values and guidelines facebook lives by when it comes to enhancing the timeline. The recent update to the newsfeed rankings should be seen within this context.

Facebook announced an update to the News Feed that helps you see more posts from your friends and family. This is bad news for companies with a company page. Unless people are truly engaging with their content, their company facebook posts will show up lower in the newsfeed. Because it does not comply to the core value: Friends and Family come first. Or is it Advertising revenue comes first…..

The newsfeed is core to what facebook does. It connects people, it allows people to share their stories, their photos and their videos. It is important that people see the stories that matter to them. And not the stories that matter from the companies who promote their stories. It’s a fine line between offering people the content they like and offering business the opportunity to reach the people.

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