7 changes to your company’s Facebook Page

Facebook has done it again. A radical overhaul of their facebook pages interface. Gone are the timeline years and the complicated positioning and design issues with the cover photo and profile picture. The interface is now much simpler, cleaner and easier to use. There are 3 major components. On the left side is the menu, […]

Facebook newsfeed

Facebook changes Newsfeed rankings

Have you ever heard of the Facebook Newsfeed Values? They are a set of values and guidelines facebook lives by when it comes to enhancing the timeline. The recent update to the newsfeed rankings should be seen within this context. Facebook announced an update to the News Feed that helps you see more posts from […]

Microsoft acquires Linkedin

This week we’ve seen a major acquisition taking place in the industry. Microsoft acquiring Linkedin. A shock rippled through social media land. Linkedin will remain “independent” but obviously, opportunities will be explored together. I only hope that this acquisition doesn’t follow the same path as many other corporate acquisitions: failure. Time will tell. It is […]

Launch of socialmediaplaymaker.com

Welcome to the launch of socialmediaplaymaker.com. Your online portal for everything you want to know about social media. We are really excited about the launch of socialmediaplaymaker.com. I have added a complete new dimension to the way I work. Besides attending my classroom based courses, you can now also attend my courses online. Over the […]

5 reasons why you should train your sales team in Social Selling

Are you using twitter to find leads for your business? Do you research your customers on Linkedin and on Google? Do you share articles on social media to develop yourself as an expert? Are you following your competitor sales people on twitter to find out who they are talking to? These are just some questions […]

The Power of Opening with Impact – Episode 03

In this week’s episode of the Social Media Playmaker I talk to Winston Scholsberg. Winston is a good friend of mine and is based in the Netherlands. Winston is a jack of all trades. He is a musician, an inspirator, a public speaking architect but most of all, Winston is one of the few people […]

My Personal Journey – Episode 02

In this week’s podcast I will share with you my personal journey, from starting as a sales man at IBM in the Netherlands, on the 1st of April 1981, to being a self published, social media playmaker working with clients and presenting at conferences all over the world. My experience spans over 30 years of […]

Launching the Social Media Playmaker podcast – Episode 01

Today is a day to remember. The official launch of my new podcast. The Social Media Playmaker – The podcast for business people who want to stay up to date on how to attract, date and love their customers on social media. I’m so excited about this. It’s a new way for me to share […]