Overview of social media tools showcased in the various various workshops (Last update: 22 September 2016)



keyword checker
Use keyword tools to analyse keywords
Check trends and related keywords
Keyword checker
NEW – Keyword finder


Wikipedia list of social networking sites
Listen to the Global Internet
Youtube trends
Find RSS feeds (to find bloggers)
Search twitter bios (to find bloggers)
Find bloggers
Search on discussion forums
Find trends on twitter
Listen to twitter conversations
Create hashtag boards
Google’s data analysis tools
Set up alerts in Google
Online listening dashboard
Advanced listening dashboard
Dashboard creator
Your personal magazine – mobile app
Readback later – mobile app


Social media network sites statistics
Create facebook apps
Analyse your facebook page
Turns tour Linkedin profile into an infographic
Analysing twitter hashtags
Online blogging platform (to find bloggers)
Self-hosted blogging platform (to find bloggers)
Podcasting software
Record Skype calls
Podcast hosting service
Podcast hosting service
Create animations
Screen recording – video editing

Reach Out

Real time counter of Internet/social media activity
Social Media Publishing platform
Social Media Publishing platform
Social Media Publishing platform
(Social Media) Collaboration Platform
Online graphics/design app
NEW – Photo Animation – Mobile App


Social media network sites statistics